The mission of Cluster Innovative Health Solutions is to unite the efforts of representatives of the private, public and non-governmental sector to create conditions for the development of innovative forms of treatment and for more efficient spending of budget funds.

The main objectives of the Cluster are:

  • Conducting joint work from the Cluster members in the field of health and bio-technology, including:
  • Personal medicine, diagnostics and individual therapy, medical and pharmaceutical forms and means;
  • Development of management practices and public procurements in the field of medicine;
  • Medical and healing tourism with an emphasis on personalization opportunities (non-massage but personal tourism);
  • Bio-technologies with direct application to a healthy lifestyle;
  • Software applications and solutions in the field of medicine and personal health in Bulgaria;
  • Stimulating innovation;
  • Transfer of technology, promoting relationships, sharing resources, equipment, sharing knowledge, experience and good practices, creating new competitive qualities through the synergy of knowledge, technology and market positions of members;


The cluster has been created as a dynamic and socially responsible organization based on joint efforts to provide products and services in the field of healthcare and personal health in full compliance with the most current market trends and the current regulations at European and national level.


  • Development, implementation and popularization of software products and solutions in the field of medicine and personal health;
  • Performing research and development;
  • Tracking the way public procurements are carried out in the field of medicine and personal health;
  • Development of software and other solutions in the field of public procurement concerning medical devices and products;
  • Performing laboratory tests;
  • Integration of modern scientific approaches and technologies in the field of medicine and personal health;
  • Creation and membership of international organizations and associations whose activity is related to the objectives of the cluster;
  • Dissemination of information, networking and exchange of information between stakeholders;
  • Enhancement of professional competence and skills by building administrative capacity;
  • Marketing of products in the field of medicine and personal health;
  • Issuing manuals and information materials to disseminate their practices and expertise and build models for the interactive exchange of professional information between all institutions and bodies active in the field of medicine and personal health;